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Discover the Financial Impact of Talent on Your Business

Talent Reality 101 - Workshop in Memphis, TN


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"Dr. Gary Bodam is a Managing Partner at Business Methodologies International and is also currently an Adjunct Professor– Leadership  with the Jack Welch Management Institute – Executive MBA Program with Strayer University.."

Gary Bodam, Workshop Facilitator

Gary Bodam

Join us for a day of learning at the Beautiful Doubletree by Hilton Memphis East located at 5069 Sanderlin Ave. in Memphis, Tennessee 38117. We will be located in the Executive room and if you need additional directions or a room for the evening,, you can call 901-767-6666.

This location has a restaurant located on site, plus it is located next to several fine restaurants in the Memphis area.

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Experts in Recruiting Talent across the country, they understand and recognize the need for continuous upgrading of Talent for organizations. There is a direct impact upon your bottomline due to the quality of Talent on your Team.

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"As an Organizational Architect, helping Leaders to successfully Grow Their Business Enterprise is my mission for the past 30 years."

Voss W Graham, Co-Facilitator & Sponsor

Voss W Graham

Now Everyone Can Learn the Impact of People Decisions upon a Business Performance and Results

Talent Management Exercises

Discover how to optimize your workforce – getting the right set of employees at the right time, right cost and at the right place

Employee Engagement Impact

What really drives employee engagement and how to measure it The impact on results from engaged employees is notable according to research and experience of the team.

Efficient Operations or People

Learn techniques for tapping into an underutilized workforce, building talent pipelines and leveraging your workforce

Financial Impact of People

Understand Income Statements, Balance Sheets providing clear picture of the value of employees at and how they impact on human resources and the bottom line

Talent Reality 101® is a strategic business simulation that looks at the complexities of running a financially successful business in today's economy.

The program looks at all aspects of the business from on-boarding and process improvements to the importance of selling at significant margins and controlling costs.

Participants will be exposed to the impact that business decisions have on cash flow, supply-chain and work flow costs, payment terms, direct and indirect costs and many more aspects of the business.

Additionally, participants will complete income statement and balance sheets, and gain an  understanding of many of todays' key business performance indicators.

An overall objective of this course is to help employees understand how directly important they and all talent within the organization are to driving their company's overall success.

Bill Albert, Founder & President of BMIGC

List Down the Main Benefits People Get...

  • 1

    Benefits of Optimization

    Discover how to optimize your workforce – getting the right set of employees at the right time, right cost and at the right place

  • 2

    Understand the Causes of GAPS

    Understand the relationship and gaps between employees, productivity, services and profitability and future organizational requirements

  • 3

    Tapping into Underutilized Talent

    Learn techniques for tapping into an underutilized workforce, building talent pipelines and leveraging your workforce

  • 4

    Why Employee Engagement is Important

    What really drives employee engagement and how to measure it. Learn the key to improving results quickly.

  • 5

    The Importance of Discretionary Effort and Results

    Importance of achieving ‘discretionary effort’ – ‘Want to Behavior’ – fostering a culture of employee engagement

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Who Should attend this workshop? +

HR, Finance, Operations, Leaders and Professionals, Talent Management, and Organizational Development professionals should attend this interactive session.

Do I get HRCI Recertification Credits for attending? +

Yes! You will receive HRCI 6 Business Credits for attending.

BMIGC and the ‘Talent Reality’ workshop is an approved by HRCI to offer this course that qualifies for recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR, and GPHR recertification. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the HR Certification Institute website at

Tell Me more about the actual Talent Reality workshop? +

Talent Reality 101® is a comprehensive ‘hands-on’ workshop that takes a realistic look at the talent challenge, work flow process and the complexities of running a modern day organization. It recognizes the importance of talent deployment, employee engagement, driving efficiency, cash flow, competition for skilled talent, and customer satisfaction and the impact they have individually and collectively on the bottom line and in driving organizational excellence.
Our goal with ‘Talent Reality’ is to work with your management team ‘facing challenges that bring challenges’. We provide a learning environment to identify, collaborate, and leverage the capabilities of employees and their talents, creating a competitive advantage that is critical for success in a your organization. It sounds simple …. that’s why this workshop would be perfect for your people!

Will I receive any SHRM re-credification credits for attending the Talent Reality workshop? +

Talent Reality 101® as a developmental workshop from BMI qualifies to provide you with your Recertification credits used to maintain your high standing within the SHRM community. The credits can be used with your SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP certifications.

We honor the opportunity to provide you with these credits from attending our hands-on learning process. The self-discovery of how decisions impact the performance of your business is a priceless exercise according to previous attendees.

Can I get SHRM Business Credits in addition to the HRCI business credits? +

We are currently applying to SHRM for the six business credits. It is a work in progress and we believe they will be approved prior to the workshop

Who is BMI? +

For over 15 years, Business Methodologies International Global Consulting (BMIGC) offers a wide variety of learning systems focusing upon Business Simulations. And from Leadership Development to Managing Change.BMIGC has business simulations for Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, and Operations/Process.

Each of BMIGC’s solutions have been developed in conjunction with industry leaders. This means that the solutions are timely and pertinent to satisfying the most challenging issues facing today's businesses.

What is the background of the Facilitator Gary Bodam? +

Dr. Gary Bodam is a Managing Partner at Business Methodologies International and is also currently an Adjunct ProfessorLeadership Focus with the Jack Welch Management Institute – Executive MBA Program with Strayer University.

He has had over 30 years of international experience in sales, sales management, training, human resources and organizational development with companies, developing, implementing and facilitating for the industrial, healthcare, consumer products, and consulting industries. He has served in numerous executive and officer capacities in Organizational Development and Human Resources for GE, Johnson & Johnson, Polaroid, Thomas & Betts, Acuity Brands, U.S. Navy – integrating the Navy’s ‘Sea Warrior’ program by transforming their manpower requirements -- all billion-dollar-plus organizations with a wide range of products and services and global manufacturing and distribution operations to meet their strategic requirements.

Most recently he served as Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development of Irby C&I and Utility Businesses/Sonepar, a world leader in electrical distribution.

In association with Grimes & Associates of Oklahoma, he is certified to teach Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance® also known as the Fear-Free Prospecting & Self Promotion Workshop™ and use a sales preference assessment.

Additionally, he has played key roles in almost 15 mergers and acquisitions and co-authored a book, Leadership Moments: Turning Points That Changed Lives and Organizations (Tafford Publishing, Oxford, UK 2006 - Arc Leadership Group). He has lectured internationally on knowledge management, ‘Staying Competitive with Knowledge Management’, and has a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix, as well as a Masters in Management from Webster University.

How does this process work? +

Teams of 4 are created and they 'act' as the Management team for their simulated company. As managers, they are responsible for running all aspects of the business; including payroll, supply-chain, efficiency investment and onboarding of new employees and scheduling employee work flow. Additionally, the team also run full income statements and balance sheets.

There are specific times during the sessions whereby feedback of the learning points solidifies the learning of important areas of management decisions. This also allows the locking in of the key indicators of successful operation of the business and can easily be transferred to the real world environment of your current real world company.